Who are we & what are we about


Came from the urge for doing something with extreme quality, exclusive, sustainable and at a fair price. We got tired of everyone always dressing the same way, shopping on the same places. We also got tired of most brands selling something far worse than what they advocate, not worrying with the damage of mass production nor the quality of what they sell.


First goal was to give something with extreme Quality. Second, that we could mix Quality and Sustainability in one piece of clothing. Our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton, organic, and fairly traded all the way from India to Portugal where the t-shirt is fully assembled. Quality and Sustainability weren't enough for us, we then added Exclusivity. Each model represents a famous artist, and we have it in four different colours, however, there are only 70 t-shirts of each, and as soon as we sell them, there won't be available anymore. HEDO Atelier represents QualitySustainability and Exclusivity.


Our t-shirt is not a simple product, but rather the result of a lengthy and carefully thought process. These pieces of art are the result of the work of dozens of extremely skilled people with one thing in common: their passion for excellence in everything they do.
By wearing a HEDO Atelier t-shirt, you will be wearing a 100% organic product, with a unique care for waste reduction and a rare obsession for product perfection. Since the cotton is collected from the fields, it goes through six different processes until the t-shirt is finally assembled and ready for you to wear it.


For our premiere, the artist behind the drawings decided to celebrate inspiring people, novelists, painters, but above all, thinkers. People that were ahead of their time and that somehow still shape us today and the way we look at life in general. For our first collection we present four distinct artists, George Orwell, Brothers Grimm, Sun Tzu and Frida Kahlo. Every drawing is on the left sleeve and on the top of the right shoulder, in the back, is hand written a famous expression of the artist.

Details matter - and so do you.